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Steven Simicich is a New York City zoning and land use lawyer, persuasive negotiator, project manager and business owner. He is well-respected by clients and legal peers for his deep knowledge of the city’s zoning law and policy, environmental, real estate and administrative law. He founded Simicich Law to fuel his passion for personally working with clients focusing on sustainable building practices and preserving open spaces in the city in which he was born and raised.

Facilitating Entitlements And Approvals
Maximizing the development potential of property in the five boroughs is a daunting task without the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. The administrative process of obtaining entitlements and agency approvals for the project is arduous. In terms of land use and zoning compliance, Steven does the heavy lifting in New York’s various government administrative agencies and various boards including, but not limited to:

The Department of City Planning (DCP)
Board of Standards and Appeals
City Planning Commission
Landmarks Preservation Commission
Department of Buildings
Waterfront Management Advisory Board (WMAB)
Hudson Yards District Improvement Bonus (DIB)
This is not an exhaustive list. Committed to protecting and enhancing NYC’s unique open spaces for generations to come, Steven’s clients include:

Private property owners
Real estate brokers
Prospective purchasers
Entrepreneurs and current business owners
He has experience effectively engaging elected officials and community stakeholders. He can help them understand how your property fits into the neighborhood’s vibrant future.

Creative Solutions For Challenging Requirements
Innovative solutions still need practical steps. Steven is well-known for his ability to assist clients and legal peers achieve their goals. Find out how he can help you overcome difficulties relating to New York land use and zoning matters for residential, commercial and manufacturing assets. Send an email or call SL Law Group, PLLC. at 646-679-1141 for a consultation.