General Counsel

As your company prepares to undertake a large professional project, you need objective advice to ensure that it goes smoothly and for at or under budget. As the company owner, you may be so close to the project and its developers that you lack objectivity. You want to see the best in every aspect of the project regardless of whether or not something can go wrong.

To get the objectivity and advice that you need, you can instead hire one of the attorneys from the SL Law Group. You can get the general counsel needed to make the best decisions for the progress and outcome of the work at hand.

Advice about Development

Before the project begins, you consult with your attorney about how best to develop it. You may need input about how to finance the work, what partners or vendors to bring into the project and what kind of property to buy on which to develop the project. You must ensure that all of these aspects are in place before any work can begin.

Your attorney can handle tasks like researching property lines, finding financiers for your project and obtaining work permits, titles and other documents needed for the work to begin. Your project can be ready to get started in a matter of months, if not weeks.

As the work unfolds, you can also rely on your lawyer to advise you about any legalities that arise, such as noise complaints from adjacent property owners or controversies about the title to the land on which you are building. Your lawyer can provide you with legal resources that you can utilize to finish the project smoothly.

You can find out more about hiring one of the attorneys from SL Law Group for general counsel. To set up a consultation or put a lawyer on retainer, you can contact the law firm today.