Estate Planning

It can be difficult for you to fathom what could happen to your estate if you were to die without a will in place. You may not realize that your entire estate could be left to the discretion of your state’s probate court. A judge would have the leeway to decide who gets your money and assets and how much will be given to every claimant to your estate.

Rather than leave your money and assets at such risk, you can hire one of the NY and CT estate planning lawyers to devise your will or trust for you. You can get started by contacting the SL Law Group today.

Naming the Heirs

If you were to die without a will in place, anyone can lay claim to your estate. The probate judge then has to listen to each person’s claim and decide what, if anything, he or she receives.

When you have specific people that you plan to benefit from your estate, you need to get those plans in writing now. Your lawyer can ensure that only the people listed in your will receive anything from the estate. People who are not named and lay claim to it have more of a legal challenge to prove that you unintentionally left them out of your will.

Hiring a lawyer can also be vital if you want to set up a living trust. You can move assets in and out of that trust without worries about taxes or penalties. The living trust can be protected and held in place as it is for your heirs after you pass away.

Planning out your estate is a complex legal process. It involves more than just writing down your plans on a piece of paper and hoping people follow it after you die. You can create and finalize a legally binding will or trust by hiring one of the NY and CT estate plan lawyers from the SL Law Group today.