Estate Planning | What You Need to Know About Probate and the Administration of Estates

Gavel and Will

When someone passes on, it is the job of those left behind to settle their affairs. This can be a difficult task especially after losing a loved one, and the legal process of getting affairs in order, can be complicated. Thus, it is important to know a good Probate Attorney in Long Island City who can help you sort everything out.

What You Should Know About Probate Law
In New York, the probate process starts right after someone passes away. This process determines what assets there are, and the total value of the estate. These assets include any property, bonds, vehicles, cash or other assets that are worth at least $30,000. Assets that have been put in a trust, or are held jointly, will not go through probate.

As a relative of the deceased, the first thing to do is find out if there is a will. This determines how things will proceed. The will names the executer, who will administer the estate. The executer is usually a close relative of the deceased, and it is their job to then put everything in order. Not only do all the assets need to be divided out according to the deceased’s wishes, but all debts need to be paid as well.

In the case where there is no will, or if the will is invalid for any reason, then the court will appoint an administrator. The court will also sort through the assets to determine how the estate will be distributed, through issuing letters of administration. The administrator will then need to settle these affairs accordingly.

This can all be extremely overwhelming, especially after losing a loved one. An experienced estate planning attorney on Long Island City can help relieve the stress, by guiding you through the probate process.

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